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Pure Essence Labs, AdrenalEssence, 60 Veggie Caps

Pure Essence Labs, AdrenalEssence, 60 Veggie Caps
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The adrenal glands are the body’s weapons to help us survive dangerous situations. They secrete hormones that enable us to run more quickly or fight more fiercely, and thus increase our chance of survival when danger is present. Unfortunately, however, the modern world presents us with dozens of “stressors” each day. Any time we feel threatened or pressured, the adrenals kick in. Even loud or unpleasant noises – like car horns, sirens, alarm clocks, etc. – trigger the stress response. This constant adrenal activation undermines adrenal health, and causes energy shortages, fatigue, hormone imbalances, weight gain (especially around the belly), difficulty sleeping, lack of libido and a host of other symptoms and conditions that can range from mildly annoying to wholly debilitating (please see full brochure).

Although modern medicine fails to recognize anything short of full blown Addison’s disease as adrenal fatigue, exhaustion or insufficiency, natural health practitioners see it as a major problem in modern life. And, the only way to deal with it is by avoiding stress, employing relaxation techniques, eliminating foods and other outside agents that trigger an adrenal response (like sugars, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and recreational drugs), and using nutritional factors that help rebuild adrenal integrity.

The best nutritional factors for rebuilding adrenal strength are botanicals. The best of these botanicals are Cordyceps, Ashwagandha, Holy basil, Rhodiola, Schizandra and Eleuthero (Siberian ginseng). Together, these plants provide countless phytochemicals that rebuild adrenal energy, counteract the physiological effects of stress and renew adrenal integrity.

As with all Pure Essence products, AdrenalEssence™ provides the most potent botanical blends money can buy. While gentle in the ways they work, they are powerful in their ability to work. Each day’s use (2 capsules) of AdrenalEssence™ provides over 31,900 mg of raw botanical power. This is over five times more herbal value than the nearest competitor, and the reason that AdrenalEssence™ will change your life, more quickly and more completely than any other adrenal supplement you’ll find.

(10% cordycepic acid) 
An absolute superstar of the Superior Herbal System. An extremely effective and potent life-enhancing agent. Provides amazing support for lung and kidney systems. By supporting the greater kidney system, it supports the adrenals, which are a major part of that system. Strengthens both everyday, functional energy and the deep reserve known as “Essence” that we use to pull through times of severe illness or injury.*
(4% withanolides)
A traditional Ayurvedic herb also known as “Indian Ginseng” and used as an adaptogen, which helps the body adapt to stressful situations. Anything that helps the body adapt to stress benefits the adrenals.*
(5% rosavins)
An adaptogen that instantly helps adrenals overcome constant stress response syndrome, and that, longer term, increases the ability to remain calm in the face of stressful events.*
Schizandra fruit
(2% schizandrins)
Supports all 12 of the body’s major energy meridians. Helps harmonize entire body, thus reducing the impact of stressful events. Sharpens mental focus, helps protect against cell damaging agents like free radicals and other toxins. Supports healthy eye function.*
Holy basil leaf
(2% ursolic acid)
Known in Ayurveda as the “Incomparable One.” Helps control cortisol levels, which are a major problem in relation to extreme stress. Helps balance all other hormones. Also helps to protect adrenals by calming stress response. A truly amazing plant.*
Eleuthero root
(0.8% eleutherosides)
Also known as Siberian ginseng. Supports all five major organ systems. Of extreme benefit to adrenals. Increases body’s ability to use oxygen efficiently. Powerful adaptogen. Improves both physical and mental performance when under extreme stress. One of the world’s most powerful health building supplements.*

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