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The sale at Puremedix ends May1

The sale at Puremedix ends May1

April sale at Puremedix.

Purchase  with the discount of 7% for the all of products in the store and when buying for $200 or more you"ll receive a coupon for a discount of 8% for purchase in May.

The coupon code is april.


The sale until May 1.

See you.

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Blog / News
29.04.2021 00:58:59 The sale at Puremedix ends May1 подробней
23.04.2021 03:17:11 Buy at Puremedix with discount in April, receive a discount coupon in May. подробней
27.03.2021 01:09:44 The Sale at Puremedix up to end of March подробней
28.02.2021 02:17:43 Last day of winter at Puremedix подробней
18.02.2021 02:02:14 Акция - конец недели и новости от Puremedix подробней
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